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Loricon Testing Service, Inc. has established a strong working relationship with our clients for many years providing technical assistance for product quality.

Founded in 1970, Loricon Testing Service, Inc. is known throughout the industry for its quality and customer service. We not only microbiologically test products, we solve problems that may occur from initiation to end of production. With our manufacturing expertise and our...

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 Analytical Laboratory Testing

Analyses for analytical testing are performed using approved validated methods. Methods can be transferred from clients or developed and validated in-house. Analytical techniques utilized by are conducted by experienced scientists using accepted industry and scientific protocols.
  • Regulatory Services (Partial List)
  • Analytical Laboratory Testing

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Loricon Testing Service, Inc. is one of the oldest, largest, and most experienced cGMP industrial microbiological facilities in the Eastern United States. With more than forty five(45) years of experience in microbiological testing of raw material, intermediary components, bulk, and finished products for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, and Personal Care industries, Loricon holds a proven record of excellence. All testing conforms to cGMP, cGLP, FDA Bam, Direct USP Monographs, Cosmetic Testing and Fragrance (CTFA), and Clients’ Standards.
  • Regulatory & Compliance Services
  • Audit Services

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